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Jonathan Byrd on here’s the thing

...if you find yourself in a Johnny Eaton song, you better look for an exit. Johnny puts good people in bad places, and he leans on them. Sometimes they break. Sometimes they break something. It always feels like the only thing that could have happened.

It’s a heartbreak you can dance to. After listening to Johnny on the Internet version of AM radio, the sounds of this world-class record blew my mind. Johnny’s kitchen had gotten bigger, and great musicians love a great song. Damn, I’m glad Johnny didn’t give me a chance to talk him out of this.

It’s called ‘Here’s The Thing,’ and it’s a title so perfectly Johnny Eaton that I laughed out loud when I heard it. Not a trace of desperation, just, “You said you wanted it, I made it, here it is.” Any producer or record label would have said, No. But you know what Johnny Eaton does.


A man with "a hundred year-old voice and a teenage attitude," Johnny Eaton conjures tales of hard times and sweet times, ferrying listeners on time-travel journeys across Canada with a lucid imagination that can make you feel like any of his songs actually happened, whether they did or didn't.


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